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June 03, 2019  Sushi No comments candids, gallery update

Iskra was seen grocery shopping at Whole Foods in New Jersey on saturday, June 1st 2019.


June 03, 2019  Sushi No comments appearances, gallery update

Iskra and Philip were attending the American Eagle at NYC’s Governors Ball 2019 in NYC on friday, May 31st 2019.


April 19, 2019  Sushi No comments video

April 19, 2019  Sushi No comments appearances, candids, gallery update

Iskra was attending the AAFA American Image Awards 2019 in NYC on monday, April 15th 2019. She later was seen arriving back at her hotel.


April 15, 2019  Sushi No comments news, photoshoot

Iskra is releasing her My Perfect Nude, by Iskra” lipstick in collaboration with L’Oreal Paris & the Prince’s Trust. The lipstick will launch on April 27th 2019 and you can preorder it here for £9.99.

My Perfect Nude Lipstick, by Iskra

Introducing the perfect peach-toned nude lipstick, created by Iskra.

Using the classic Color Riche lipstick formula, packed with pure pigments for vivid colour and enriched with oils for hydration and comfort, L’Oreal Paris is excited to be collaborating with four power women to create four limited edition nude lipsticks, as unique as each woman. This ultimate girl squad spent hours in L’Oreal Paris lab creating their personal take on ‘the perfect nude’ lipstick. The soft matte black packing was then signed by them in gold, giving every lipstick their seal of approval.

Iskra’s inspiration: “The existing L’Oreal Paris shade 642 (Shine – MLBB) has been my shade ever since I found it. Then sometimes I like to throw in a little 908 (Matte – Storm). I wanted to merge the two and create this perfect hybrid. I’m obsessed with my perfect nude and I know you’re going to love it too.”

50p from the sale of every lipstick is donated to The Prince’s Trust.

L’Oreal Paris X The Prince’s Trust – Transforming Self-Doubt To Self-Worth

L’Oreal Paris has always believed that everyone is worth it, whoever you are, wherever you’re from.

Since February 2017, with ambassadors, employees and The Prince’s Trust we’ve been helping young people through the “All Worth It” training programme, online and in all Prince’s Trust centres, helping to transform self-doubt into self-worth for thousands of young people across the UK.

Iskra, Emily, AJ and Kaushal have all been involved with The Prince’s Trust and L’Oreal Paris for several years. Each cares passionately about the good work of The Trust and so, with the Limited Edition lipstick collection, 50p per lipstick sold will be donated to the charity – benefiting the lives of young people who are unemployed or struggling at school through practical and financial support

April 15, 2019  Sushi No comments gallery update, news, photoshoot

Iskra is launching her very own collection of teleties. The launch party is tomorrow, April 16th 2019, in NYC. Get them NOW!



March 27, 2019  Sushi No comments candids, gallery update

Iskra was spotted on set of a photoshoot in Miami Beach on monday, March 25th 2019 and tuesday, March 26th 2019. She was shooting with Aerie.


March 06, 2019  Sushi No comments gallery update, interview, photoshoot

Iskra is featured in the Spring II issue of Civilian Magazine. Read her interview down below & don’t forget to check out these two beautiful images.




Iskra Lawrence is so much more than a pretty face: a body positive influencer, an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, and a full-time model (she has modeled for Aerie and has also developed her own perfume line). With her efforts, the world is becoming more authentic, a change that she credits to the rise in social media. “People are more aware of the individual power they have in trying to implement more diversity. Social media has been the best platform because it’s enabled us to democratize our own media empires,” she says of an opportunity to encourage diversity. “It’s up to us to go out and seek new information. The world’s very diverse and that’s what makes it so beautiful.” In addition to the already growing list of accomplishments, as a part of her dedication to body positivity, she’s given a TED talk and guest-authored a number of articles across publications on the importance of self-love and diversity. Last year, moreover, she was named as an ambassador of the Prince’s Trust & L’Oréal Paris.

“I think the modeling and beauty industry fed into female insecurity in the hopes that it would encourage them to buy things, but there’s been such a great shift. Now, it’s actually about someone’s confidence or creativity – whatever makes them an awesome person, instead of the way that they look,” describes Lawrence who has taken the catwalk to celebrate diversity at the Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris during Paris Fashion Week. Lawrence’s advocacy for body positivity doesn’t stop there: She works with the NEDA as a brand ambassador working to acknowledge the issues and promote the resources offered. “For a long time, issues like mental health and eating disorder weren’t talked about and still have a stigma around them. It’s important to normalize them, and it’s okay to seek help,” she affirms as the organization is geared towards raising awareness of the disorders, creating communities for support and recovery, funding research, and giving life-saving resources into the effort.

Read more here

March 06, 2019  Sushi No comments appearances, gallery update

Iskra was attending the ‘Captain Marvel’ Premiere in Hollywood on monday, March 4th 2019.


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