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November 02, 2022  Sushi No comments news

Iskra just launched a hair care collection for Saltair. The collection includes the Moisture Bound Hydrating Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner and the Recover & Restore Damage Repair Shampoo & Damage Repair Conditioner. They are all cruelty free, vegan, paraben & gluten free and they cost $12 each. Click the pic below to shop 🙂


October 09, 2022  Sushi No comments news

Iskra and Philip will have their own couple podcast called Coupleish. You can listen to the trailer on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or down below. The first episode will be online on October 14th!

Coupleish is your invitation to check in with your partner or ask yourself if you’re fulfilled in your relationship in a judgment-free zone where no question is off limits”

March 20, 2022  Sushi No comments news

Iskra launched a new addition to her brand – Saltair. This time it’s a – body lotion – which comes in three different fragrances. Each one costs $14 and you can buy them here.


March 13, 2022  Sushi No comments gallery update, news, photoshoot

Iskra is part of the new Lounge collective campaign by Lounge Underwear. She’s joined by Romee Strijd, Elsa Hosk, Tabria Majors, Eva Apio, La’Tecia Thomas, Camila Coelho and Jasmine Tookes.

You can shop the collection here!


February 26, 2022  Sushi No comments interview, news

“It’s finding ways in everyday life, in the mess, in the chaos, in the darkness to be like this is me, and I’m really special.”

Iskra Lawrence does it all, and she’s honest about all the ups and downs that come with that. As if being a widely beloved model, founder of Saltair and Self Funding and an advocate for body acceptance wasn’t enough, she added a baby into the mix this year. Ahead of The BodCon 2022, a virtual conference on February 17 focused on body confidence where Lawrence is a spotlight speaker, we caught up with her. She shared advice on how to use social media productively and the baby steps to take to fall in love with yourself. Lawrence also got candid about how modeling has shaped her life, the guilt that comes with motherhood and more.

You’ve long been a proponent of body positivity. How has the space grown since you first started and where does it still need to evolve?

“I use the term ‘body acceptance’ because I originally didn’t know the difference, and I was lucky enough to get educated online. I feel like there’s a constant evolution of understanding movements. I think that there is more visible representation now, but there still isn’t representation higher up in boardrooms, people who are getting to make the decisions about the representation, and so I think that long term, I just hope to see that the people at the top are able to share their power a little bit more. And of course, it’s more about the policies than anything.

There’s so much you can do about representation and diverse campaigns, but if policies don’t change and become more inclusive, if we don’t get better access for people with disabilities, if we don’t change the system that is still set up to be racist, there’s only so far we can push. So I think that it really comes down to getting more people represented in positions of power and doing that by hopefully supporting our youth to know that they can be in positions of power, and just really showing people that there’s more they can do than just being the visible representation. There’s the actual work behind the scenes that’s also very important.”

What is a self-care ritual that makes you feel empowered?

“So, weirdly, during my postpartum journey, I really lost my sense of self and I stopped showering. I literally got to a place of feeling so messy that I didn’t shower for days on end, and that made me feel even worse. So, honestly, the most simple thing that I find changes how I feel about myself is jumping in the shower, and that’s why I created Saltair because I really thought that it was a powerful moment for myself. I’ve cried in the shower. I’ve had big ideas in the shower. I’ve just felt this solitude in a good way, like escapism. So that, for me, is a really powerful form of self-care. Just simply getting up in the morning and showering and just giving yourself that fresh start to just think, ‘Okay, today’s gonna be a good day. I’ve got lots of things to do. Let’s not let it overwhelm me, but let’s just think it’s exciting.’”

read full interview on newbeauty.com

February 26, 2022  Sushi No comments news

Lawrence hopes to encourage conversation around navigating pregnancy with a history of an eating disorder.

By 2019, British model and self-love advocate Iskra Lawrence felt confident about the strides she’d made in her eating disorder recovery. Then she got pregnant.

“I was like, ‘how am I gonna handle this? What might come back up?'” she tells Shape. “One of the hardest things for me during recovery was how I dealt with control — and I knew that with pregnancy, there would be zero control.”

While Lawrence, a brand ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), was dealing with anxiety about the journey to motherhood, she also felt pressure to act like nothing was amiss. “You’re meant to be super grateful you got pregnant — and you are!” she says. “What terrified me most was sharing anything that seemed like I was complaining because there are women who would do anything to be able to be pregnant. It’s tricky getting that balance of like, ‘hey, should we talk about some of the challenges or the potential negative side effects to your mental health?’ People just don’t really wanna go there because it can be uncomfortable.”

Now that Lawrence is on the other side of pregnancy (her son, with partner Philip Payne, was born in April 2020), she wants to bring attention to a lack of resources available for those with eating disorders who may be contemplating motherhood. (Related: The Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health Issues No One Is Talking About)

“Recovery is not the end of the journey with your eating disorder — It’s purely a choice that you’ve made that you continue to try and follow,” she says. “So you never know what season of your life could be triggering for you or could bring up past trauma or just feel like a new challenge that you haven’t experienced before. I was definitely anxious and I looked to read as much as I could and see if there was any information out there, which I didn’t feel there was. The duality is really tricky: people don’t want to seem like they’re fearmongering because there are already enough fears during pregnancy.”

While navigating pregnancy in recovery, Lawrence leaned on her loved ones for support. “What I knew was that regardless of anything, I had to be very honest with the people around me about how this could be triggering for me,” she says. “And I used all the tools that I had from recovery, like always checking in with my gratitude list. I’m sure people think like, ‘oh, what does that do?’ But it really can help because if I feel any kind of dark cloud about to come over, remembering why I’m grateful for everything my body can do is really, really helpful.”

Lawrence was also surprised to find that the pregnancy motivated her to care for her body in an unprecedented way. “I was very excited to know that I had someone literally inside me, part of my body, that needed me to nourish myself really, really well,” she says. “So I had to eat. And it’s tricky because toxic diet culture can be so extreme in talking about calories and micronutrients — but you do need to eat and fuel your body with high-quality nutrients. So I found it easier in a sense, having a baby inside of me — it was like a selfless dedication. I wanted to eat these fresh, nutrient-filled foods to nourish my baby. And I moved a lot during pregnancy because I knew I was doing a home birth and it was going to be unmedicated — I did a lot of research and found exercise really helps you to be strong during your birth.”

read full article on shape.com

January 21, 2022  Sushi No comments news, video

Iskra finally launched her new brand – Saltair – a skincare inspired body products. The launch product – the serum body wash – comes in seven different fragrances. Each one costs $12 and you can buy them here.

                                             Santal Bloom                            Island Orchid                                 Exotic Pulp


                   Lush Greens                                Lagoona                                      Black Tide                            Fragrance Free


March 14, 2021  Sushi No comments news

Activia, the probiotic pioneer, is partnering with new mother and self-care advocate Iskra Lawrence to get loud about gut health and the impact it can have on our overall well-being. A long time Activia fan and someone working on her own gut health journey for years, Iskra is helping Activia activate enriching experiences designed to help women prioritize their mental and physical wellness.

The added societal and health pressures brought about by the pandemic have been a challenging adjustment for everyone. However, women are facing higher rates of burnout and stress when compared to men (source: Employee Benefit News), at times having to contend with housework, caregiving and home education in addition to the demands of employers. As the first quarter of 2021 comes to a close, it’s unclear when this trend will change.

“Like many women, my health journey has been turbulent, and currently many of us are facing daily challenges–but we have to continue showing up for ourselves. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of the mind and body experiences Activia and Hello Sunshine are hosting for women supporting gut health,” said Iskra. “I enjoy Activia yogurt regularly and it has always been a trusted brand for me. I’m beyond excited to help Activia provide women with simple practices they can incorporate into their daily routine, which support gut health, in this moment.”

Activia — the #1 doctor recommended probiotic*, and the #1 gut health brand**– believes that wellness starts within, and the brand is dedicated to providing empowering resources and experiences that can support women at any point in their wellness journey. Further, the brand has found a like-minded partner in Iskra Lawrence who relies on inner wellness to help address her mental and physical challenges brought about by becoming a new mom during a pandemic.

“We at Activia understand just how much your gut health can affect you mentally, emotionally and physically,” said Sonika Patel, Vice President of Marketing, Danone North America. “As probiotic experts, we know not all probiotics are equal. In addition to developing delicious yogurts with billions of probiotics, Activia is taking action for the bodies and minds of women this spring. Our partnerships with Iskra Lawrence and Hello Sunshine are designed to provide experiences that will equip women with the tools they need to help support a happy gut and a strong self.”***

It’s time to “Get Your Gut in Gear,” and as an advocate for self-care, Iskra is challenging women to focus on their inner wellness by signing up for Activia’s two-week “Gut Health Challenge”. Participants are encouraged to try Activia twice a day for two weeks, in order to understand how adding Activia yogurts into one’s daily routine, with its billions of probiotics, may help support their gut health.*   Participants can also enter for a chance to win envy-worthy prizes, including a free supply of Activia.

Activia and Iskra invite women to attend two live, virtual sessions held in partnership with Reese Witherspoon’s Media Company Hello Sunshine and Fair Play author Eve Rodsky. The inaugural mind-focused event, ‘Break Out From The Burnout’ — taking place March 18 — will feature an interactive mental health workshop offering practices and resources to help alleviate stress (register here). In the coming months, body-focused event ‘Revitalize Your Routine’ will be held, offering stimulating discussion around the power of physical movement in helping to avoid burnout, along with energizing workout techniques. Attendees will have opportunities to win curated “Get Your Gut In Gear” essentials, and more.

source: globenewswire.com

September 21, 2020  Sushi No comments commercial, news, photoshoot, video

September 11, 2020  Sushi No comments news

Today, September 11th, Iskra is turning 30!!

I wish you all the best to your 30th birthday. I hope you have the most wonderful day with your loved ones. Stay safe and enjoy your day. Thank you for everything ❤😘

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