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September 05, 2019  Sushi No comments appearances, candids, gallery update, photoshoot

I’m back from holiday & fuly updated the gallery.



August 27, 2019  Sushi No comments gallery update, interview, photoshoot

Iskra is on the cover of Glamour’s Digital issue for September 2019. Read the interview down below & make sure to check out the pictures in the gallery!


August 13, 2019  Sushi No comments news

Iskra released her very own gifs together with GIPHY. You can find all of them here! Here are my two favorites but make sure to check them all out 🙂


August 13, 2019  Sushi No comments appearances, gallery update

Iskra was attending the Beautycon Festival at Los Angeles Convention Center in LA on saturday, August 10th 2019.


August 08, 2019  Sushi No comments appearances, gallery update

Iskra was attending the Aerie Real Talk in NYC on wednesday, August 7th 2019.


August 04, 2019  Sushi No comments candids, gallery update

Iskra was having fun at Mountain Creek Waterpark in New Jersey on tuesday, July 30th 2019.


July 28, 2019  Sushi No comments appearances, gallery update

Iskra was attending the Aerie Real Talk Q&A Session in NYC on friday, July 26th 2019.


The first pictures of the new Autum/Winter 2019 campaign of Persona by Marina Rinaldi were released.


July 21, 2019  Sushi No comments candids, gallery update

Iskra and Philip were seen shopping at Century City Mall in LA on saturday, July 20th 2019.


Iskra Lawrence Has Redefined Her Insecurities—And She Wants You To Do The Same

Iskra Lawrence stepped into the crowded Women’s Health photo studio, stripped out of her streetwear, then tried on a bunch of swimsuits in front of a set full of strangers for a completely unretouched photoshoot like it was no biggie. And while this might seem like your own personal nightmare, for the international model, Aerie RoleModel, Instagram influencer, and body acceptance advocate, it’s just another day at work.

But that level of confidence doesn’t just happen overnight. Iskra’s put in the work to get to that positive headspace, and she had a lot to overcome. “It was hard as a teenager,” she told me over the phone prior to our shoot. “I was curvier at a young age and was confused by my body.” She tried to fake some self-assuredness by wearing more makeup, push-up bras, and revealing clothes. “Being sexy was the only way I felt like I was getting validation for my body.”

If being a teenager wasn’t hard enough already, she entered the modeling world at 13 and had a new set of peers to compare herself to—a group that consisted exclusively of sample-sized models. “Relatively I was just a normal, healthy-looking teen. But I developed body dysmorphia and an eating disorder because I had these unrealistic comparisons.”

She spent hours measuring every part of her body, but the main focus was her strong legs. “I never wore ankle boots, never wore skirts that cut me off at the wrong height, and even seeing knee-high boots on set would make me nervous.” The notion of a thigh gap (when you stand feet-together and the inside of your thighs don’t touch) was something that also consumed her thoughts. “My thighs rub together,” she says. “Even if I was unhealthfully restricting [which she was] and trying every fad diet possible [which she did], I could never get a thigh gap.”

read the interview here


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